Overcoming Abandonment Issues

Rejection. Overthinking. Trust issues. Not opening up to people due to a constant fear of being left. Chances are if you're lucky enough to not know what this feels like, at least one person close to you does. Whether your abandonment issues date back to your childhood or were brought on in adulthood, it effects… Continue reading Overcoming Abandonment Issues


Why Disney is More than a Theme Park

Yes, Disney has roller coasters, attractions, long lines, expensive food and souvenirs. Sure, you're right in saying it meets theme park criteria. But, Disney goes far beyond any other theme park. It offers so much more to anyone who visits.¬† I'm sure you have heard of the "Disney bubble". From the second you enter the… Continue reading Why Disney is More than a Theme Park

I’m Tired of Defending my Love for Disney

So, let me start off by saying that everyone has an opinion, and that is okay. I love that people have different view points and enjoy different things. So why must we judge others for what brings them happiness? We do not live in an easy society. Everyone has an escape from every day life… Continue reading I’m Tired of Defending my Love for Disney